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Technologik II

Technologik II is the follow up of the popular Technologik and bring even more original bass-lines and drum loops created for electronic musician, techno music producers and DJs. These loops were entirely recorded using various iPad apps. I believe that volume 2 of Technologik will help you find that techno inspiration for the dance floor.


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Technologik II features

  • 34 audio loops in 16bit/44.1KHz WAV format;
  • embedded pitch and time stretch information;
  • all future updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Technologik II loops list

KS-T2-BassLine-120-001, KS-T2-BassLine-120-002, KS-T2-BassLine-120-003, KS-T2-BassLine-120-004, KS-T2-BassLine-120-005, KS-T2-BassLine-120-006, KS-T2-BassLine-120-007, KS-T2-BassLine-120-008, KS-T2-BassLine-120-009, KS-T2-BassLine-120-010, KS-T2-BassLine-120-011, KS-T2-BassLine-120-012, KS-T2-BassLine-120-013, KS-T2-BassLine-120-014, KS-T2-BassLine-120-015, KS-T2-BassLine-120-016, KS-T2-BassLine-120-017, KS-T2-BassLine-120-018, KS-T2-BassLine-120-019, KS-T2-BassLine-120-020, KS-T2-MoDrum-110-008, KS-T2-MoDrum-110-014, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-001, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-002, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-003, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-004, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-005, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-006, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-007, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-009, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-010, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-011, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-012, KS-T2-MoDrum-125-013

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