Roger Nichols Digital Inspector – Audio Analysis Plugin

Roger Nichols Digital Inspector is a compact, but powerful, audio analysis tool creating a full picture of your audio using everything from spectral analysis to extensive metering. Inspector is one of my favorite plugins and since it’s not available anymore anywhere, here you can download and own this amazing tool that now has become a piece of the audio history.

Roger Nichols Digital Inspector - Free Audio Analysis Tool

RND Inspector Download (email)

Download Roger Nichols Digital Inspector – Win VST, RTAS
Download Roger Nichols Digital Inspector – Mac Audio Unit, VST, RTAS
Download Roger Nichols Digital Inspector PDF Manual

Inspector Tutorial

Open Inspector in you DAW as an insert effect and use the spectrum analyzer to get a clear and accurate representation of your mix. The peak and RMS meters, with customizable caution and warning zones, allow you to visualize and quantify the levels of your audio. The balance meter provides a visual indication of the balance relationship between channels.

Use Inspector’s unique alarm feature to specify what conditions are considered adverse, so Inspector can warn you about them. From total and consecutive clips to balance and headroom, you set the threshold then sit back and let Inspector do its work. Inspector’s Master Alarm lights to inform you when your thresholds have been exceeded.

You also automate many of Inspector’s parameters to make your analysis sessions simpler. For example, use your host to automate resetting all alarms at the end of a song to prepare for a clean analysis run.

Inspector features

  • Spectral Display;
  • Master Alarm;
  • Balance Meter;
  • Peak and RMS Meters;
  • Clipping Indicator;
  • Headroom Indicator;
  • Compatible with Pro Tools RTAS Mac/ Win, Steinberg VST Mac/ Win, Apple Audio Unit (AU) Mac

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X (10.2+) & Windows XP Compatible 32 Bit
  • Requires VST, AU, or RTAS host

About Roger Nichols Digital

Having worked with some of the world’s most successful artists over nearly four decades in the record business, and picking up seven Grammy Awards in the process, Roger Nichols knows of what he speaks. Roger Nichols Digital was formed in 2005 to make his proven hands-on experience available to all DAW users in the form plug-ins.

Roger Nichols has been designing DSP software for his personal use since 1981. These powerful devices have been used to great effect on countless albums and mastering projects with such artists as Steely Dan, Al DiMeola and Bela Fleck. It is now time to make these plug-ins available to the ever-expanding universe of DAW-based mixing and mastering Nichols said, RND is fully committed to plug-in development. RND says: Sure, there are a lot of plug-in companies out there, and a lot of good plug-ins. But has any other company Beta-tested its DSP algorithms for over 20 years before releasing them? Roger Nichols built his first audio software application in 1978: a drum replacement plug-in named Wendel that debuted on Steely Dan’s Gaucho album. The second version was christened in 1981 on Donald Fagen’s Nightfly album. And Wendel is the only machine ever nominated for a Grammy Nichols concluded.

In May 2006 Roger Nichols Digital formed a partnership with Elemental Audio, Inc. Upcoming DAW plug-ins are being co-developed by Roger Nichols Digital and Elemental Audio. Elemental Audio’s expertise in coding and DSP algorithms, along with Roger Nichols Digital’s responsibility for sonic performance and a series of session-derived presets, produces a winning combination. Both teams are developing new products and upgrades for existing plug-ins. RND handles all sales, marketing and support functions, yet remains financially independent from EA. In essence, the new association combines EA’s audio software development expertise with Roger Nichols’ engineering and production experience.

After releasing several studio mastering professional plugins and tools like Finis, Uniquel-izer, Frequal-izer, Dynam-izer and Inspector, RNDigital dissolved in a legal battle between its founders. The current status of these plugins is unknown.

Sadly, in early 2011 Roger Nichols was reported to be “fighting for his life,” and after nearly a year of medical treatments for pancreatic cancer, he passed away on April 9, 2011, aged 66. Rest In Peace, Roger!

More information about Roger and his work can be found on

22 Comments to “Roger Nichols Digital Inspector – Audio Analysis Plugin”

  1. Holotropik Says:

    I was only looking for this last week! Can’t believe I have found it…but…I d/loadd the Mac version and it’s broken. Will not install :(

  2. Chizzel Says:

    oh this one is very good . I agree with Holotropik mine crashes also while installing it . Any chance to get this fixed ?

  3. Kreativ Sounds Says:

    Since the developer is NOT in business, I don’t see any way of fixing the mac version … :(

  4. Reed Hohenstein Says:

    Are you all running Lion? Its not supported anymore…

  5. Luther Blissett Says:

    running snow leopard… installer crashes… shame

  6. James Says:

    OS X, Crashes

  7. James Says:

    Nichols Digital Inspector 1.4

  8. Greg Says:

    PLEASE keep this on your website. Too great a freeware tool to let vanaish with the business

  9. Geoff Says:

    I love this plug-in. Unfortunately, it won’t install on Intel Macs (or am I doing something wrong?)

  10. Mark Says:

    James, thanks for the link. I also am running OS X Lion and was having problems with the install above. 1.4 works wonderfully.

  11. Carly Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!! This is getting harder to find than a needle in a haystack! The installer worked wonderfully. I am a proud Mac PowerPC owner. I really really feel terrible that Mr. Nichols passed. It sounds like he had on hell of a life! Seven Grammy Awards! For what it’s worth I really appreciate you making this available.

  12. Jack Says:

    Thank you very much for archiving this valuable tool.

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  14. Niek Says:

    Hi guys,

    I got inspector working on tiger , but the installer seems not to work on snowleopard (10.6.8), is that right?


  15. Niek Says:

    Hey guys,
    repairing permissions on the harddrive works miracles too! It works and I am loving it!

    sorry for my hasty question!

  16. Durwood Says:

    It’s been a while since your post, but if you see this I could use your help. I’m running snow leopard 10.6.8 and can’t get 1.4 to show up in my pluging. BTW, anyone familiar with Blue Cat> Does it work as good as this one? Was able to install that.

    Thanks for any help.

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  18. Hal Says:

    Here is the whole bundle in version 2.

  19. Mike Says:

    Where can I get the installer package for the “Signature Bundle”? I purchased the bundle with license a few years ago and after I changed my internal drive I was unable to download the installer package at the Rodger Nichols website. I still have license but I need Installer package….. help???

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    […] Roger Nichols Inspector […]

  21. Dave Says:

    Yes Niek that worked for me too repairing permissions – great freeware !

  22. jgurtz Says:

    Downloads have died for OSX 1.4 version :(

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