Polygothic Prophet

Polygothic Prophet Sounds is a collection of chameleonic pads, vintage leads, digitalo-analog basses and dark textures for Arturia’s Prophet V. If you’re looking for traditional Prophet 5 sounds, this sounds bank is NOT for you! Polygothic contains specially designed and versatile presets that explore all the unique features of Prophet V. Just listen to the demo sounds.

Polygothic Prophet video

Polygothic Prophet features

  • 74 fat sounds for Arturia Prophet V, Prophet VS and Prophet Hybrid;
  • each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds;
  • all future updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Polygothic Prophet sounds list

Abstract, Abyssal, Additive, Agonizr, AnalogFM, Analogist, Bitrum, Boards, Brizlly, Chordesque, Clavis, Crawel, Cutting, Darkfall, Digital, Drama, Dubbass, Elastic, Endless, Eternal, Ether, Evocative, Evolution, Ferm, Filteris, FireFX, FireIce, Foundation, Fretless+, GBass, Harsh, Horror, LoTrump, Lowe, Magic, Mayhem, Melobass, Melotronic, Monosaw, Monosq, Monotetris, Mozart, MuPiano, Nostraduos, NuBell, Nuorgan, Odyssey, Oldsound, Organist, Pigs, Projectiles, Prometheus, PWaves, Resobass, Sawrchestral, Sicksync, Solidson, Squadrone, Stargate, Strings, Sweeper, Synchord, TheVS, Trombass, Vectoral, Vintage, Voices, Voyage, VSaw, Wavepiano, White, Winder, Wizard, Zumba

Polygothic Prophet art

Polygothic Prophet Sounds


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