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Abyss PRO-53 Sounds is a collection of over 200 highly original and refreshing sounds for Native Instruments PRO-53 synthesizer. I’m a big fan of this software synthesizer and his older brother Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. To capture the most out of it, I used and tweaked to extremes its unique features and created new analog warmth and power, new dreams and audio fantasies, new dark and otherworldly sounds. Created over a 3 years period, I dare to say, these sounds are so unique that they were never heard before coming from a Prophet before. You’ll love these sounds, enjoy!

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“I’m listening to these sounds now … they are absolutely fantastic and very inspiring!” – Edwin L. from Geoffrey Multimedia

Abyss PRO-53 Sounds by Kreativ Sound

Abyss PRO-53 Sounds features

  • 210 outstanding presets in NATIVE (p5p, p5a) and FXB format for Native Instruments PRO-53;
  • each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds;
  • all future updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Abyss PRO-53 Sounds list

303-2010, 8Bit Classic, Abyss, Alien World, Allosaurus, Ambibass, Ambient Bass, Analog Chimes, Analog Chorus, Analog FM, Analog Strings, Arp Trigga, Atari 80, Atonal Bass, Bass of Canada, Bass&Drill FX, BD Kontrol, Benassi Driller, Big Boss, Bit Pad, Blade Runner, Blades, Bleedlead, Boards Of Canada, Boiling Mud, Boombass, Brian’s Guitar, Butter FX, Cave Drops, Chicane, Chronic Bass, Classic Pad, Cocaine, Computer Controlled, Cool Bass, Dance Chords, Deep Drone, Deep Under, Dental Miner, Detune FX, DiffPiano, Dirty Effulgence, DT Bass, Dubstep Bass, Duonal Text, Dyson Sphere, Echo Lead, Electro Lead, Elka Synthex, ELPercussion, Emotional Texture, Emphasis Pad, Epic Times, Ermil, Ether Piano, Ethertonalis, Evangelos, Evil F, Evocative, Fall of Dark, False Bass, Fat Sweep, Feedback Wave, Filter Drone, Filter Lead, Fine Chords, Finger Trigger, FM Analyst, FM Sequence, Follower Bass, Fragmentolia, Gig In The Sky, Goldie Bass, Grog Bass, Growler Bass, Growler FX, Growler Intro, Growler Lead, Growler Pad, Harmonycs, Harsh Intro, Haunting, Healing Lead, Hellish Place, HiFi Bass Lead, HiFi Strings, High Bass Pass, High Dist Lead, High Sky Pad, Hisspass, Hold Power, Hollow Lead, Horror Drone, Horror Sweep, House Bass, HP Sync, HugeSlyd, Hummingbird, Hungry Caty, Industrial FX, Insect Lead, Jarre Intro, Kontrol This!, Leader Drone, Low End Pad, Lower Drone, Mad Voices, Mandelbrot, Martian Bubbles, Massive Sweep, Meganoptera, Mellow One, Meteor Shower, Modular Brass, Monsta Bass, Moron, Movie FX, Nectarios Brass, Newline FX, Ninjal FX, No Holy Voices, Nocturnals, Nostalgia, NU FX, Nu Stab, OBX SYnth, Odyssey, Ogre Sound, Old Movies, Old School, Old Warmth, Oldsearch, Otherside, Percu Dream Bell, Percu Rim Shot, Percu Wooden Hit, Peter Pan, Piannina, Piano Arp, Pizzi Delay, Pizzicato, ProFat, Prophet Pad, Prophetic Words, Radiation FX, Rain Pad, Rave Hook, Raw BassLead, Remember Me, Ringmonoize, Roland Chorus, Rotor Pad, Saw Pad, Saw Stab Bass, Screamer, Sea Calm, Searing Sync, Sick Bass Sync, SID Days, SID Lead, Sine Beauty, Soft Tone Pad, Sous Rings, Space Ants, Space Lift, SpartaFX, Speaker Drone, Speaker Leader, Special Vintage, Square Pad, Stab Organ, Stab Sharp, Star Wars, Static FX, Stelar, Sting Chords, Stingrays, Sub Boom, Supersaw, Sync Boss, Synthetic Chorum, The Bass Bit, The Greatest Bit, The Jigsaw, The Reversed Bit, The Trump, Thesis Intro, Thin Synth, THX Lead, Trance Dirt, Tremollo, Tremor Pad, Tribal Fire, Trisome, Unison Trance, Unstable Launch, Uplift Bass, Vintage Brass, Vintage Lead, Voices of The Hell, Vowel Lead, VS Pad, Wah Brasil, Warm Brass, White Arp, White Sequence, Wild Bass, Winds of Mars, Wonder, Wuormbuon

Native Instruments PRO-53 Synthesizer

19 Comments to “Abyss”

  1. Kreativ Sounds ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds at Kaos Audio Says:

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  2. marcin Says:

    hmm…. make it 64 patches but only “abyss” without bass bleeps and lead sounds then I’ll pay 10 euro

  3. andreio Says:

    Hi Marcin,

    Thanks for the suggestion … a free update with 16 more patches is in the works and in few days will be available. This sound bank will grow in time and the “price” will remain the same … as much as you wish ;)

    All the best!

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  5. iaminsane Says:

    hi, it would be VERY cool if you would include KSD versions (for use in KORE)

  6. andreio Says:

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion … Along with other the ksd kore sounds will be included in the next update of ABYSS PRO-53 (the update is free as usual)

    … I already began working on it ;)

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  8. ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds « Says:

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  9. andreio Says:

    ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds has been updated with KORE sounds and now contains 64 original presets. I’ve also posted some more audio demos. Hear them and be amazed of how PRO-53 can sound ;)

  10. Kreativ Sounds bank dla ABYSS Pro-53 oraz Kore 2. - Says:

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  12. Daniel Bailey Says:

    Has anyone converted the factory sounds in Pro 53 to Kore 2 format? I’m going to be getting Kore 2 very soon and since they deleted Pro 53 from Komplete, I’m wondering if those sounds are in there.


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  17. max Says:

    Cool sounds.But this synth is out of production.

  18. Kreativ Sounds Says:

    Yes, we know that, but there are still lots of musicians that use it and love it a lot … and we think it’s a great way to keep a synth alive by creating sounds for it and keeping it fresh.

  19. ABYSS Pro-53 Sounds is now updated to version 3 - Kreativ Sounds Says:

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